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How Junk Food Can Boost Performance

Can Sugary Foods Actually Benefit Your Workout?

Do you want to learn how junk food can boost performance? This may be shocking information for some people, but sugar and candy can actually boost training and performance!

This is because sugar and candy can maximize insulin levels that provide high energy for the body to operate at full capacity during a strenuous workout. Junk food carbs also provide the fuel that muscles need to perform at full strength without fatigue.

So the next time you get a craving for some sugar, save it for your workout!

junk food for improving workout


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You’ve seen it before, marathon runners chowing down on gummie bears before the final stretch, or athletes getting a sugary boost before a big play. When you’re eating clean, it’s ok to indulge on junk food carbs, but only if it’s done right.

For starters, insulin holds the key to unlocking lifting benefits like an improved overall performance and pump. So, your goal is to keep insulin levels high when training. Tossing back a few candies when walking into the gym will up your insulin levels—ultimately enhancing your overall workout experience.


About 15 to 30 minutes before your training session, throw back a few gummie bears or sugary pieces of candy. Your muscles need fuel; an average lifter will go through 50 grams of carbs in a workout. If glycogen levels aren’t topped-off going into a workout, performance will suffer and fatigue will set in.


Unknown to many, insulin can actually provide a pump during an intense workout. To get a slight insulin spike, throw back a few pieces of sugary candy. Those fast-digesting sugars will get absorbed into the blood stream right away—triggering a rise in insulin. When insulin enters the blood stream, it starts to widen your blood vessels. This creates a better blood flow—producing a pump and more nutrients to be hitting your hard-training muscles. Fun fact: bodybuilders will eat candy on a competition day to get that pump and to be more vascular.


After a rigorous workout session, your muscles need to be refueled not only with protein but also carbs. The most optimal carb choice post-workout are simple carbs—candy. Since candy is a fast-digesting carb, it will drive an insulin spike—replenishing your glycogen stores while providing the necessary nutrients from your choice of protein.

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