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How To Increase HGH

Diet For Increasing HGH And Testosterone:

how to increase hgh

Did you know that by doing 1 simple thing, you can increase your muscle mass and HGH levels while losing fat?

That’s right. Just by not eating two to three hours before bed, you avoid consuming calories when your body is at its slowest level of metabolism.

The problem with eating right before bed, especially carbs, is that it boosts the sugar levels in your blood and causes insulin to get released, which restricts the amount of HGH released in the bloodstream. Since 80-90% of HGH is released while you’re sleeping, the insulin that gets released by eating before you sleep will really cause problems with your HGH levels that are important for growing muscle and losing fat.

So make sure to avoid carbs before you go to bed and try to take lean protein as your last meal at least a few hours before you sleep. This also means that you should try to get in all your carbs earlier in the day and avoid intaking carbs later at night.

Another benefit for increasing HGH is that it also naturally increases testosterone levels, which is important for increasing muscle mass and increasing metabolism. If you are having trouble with low HGH and testosterone levels, another option for increasing testosterone is this high quality and proven TESTOSTERONE BOOSTER THAT YOU CAN TRY HERE.

So whether you want to increase your HGH and testosterone levels through diet or supplements, being aware of this essential part of your training regimen can help you significantly improve your performance.



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